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Season 3 Episode 22: Paige Alms

November 10th, 2019

In this Episode I speak with Big Wave World Champion (and one of my all time favorite surfers!), Paige Alms! To say I was excited and nervous for this conversation is an understatement but Paige was just as cool and awesome as I hoped for and even more for that matter. We talk about a variety of things from body imperfections and being comfortable with them and yourself,about that time when Paige was 8 years old and how she and her mom went to Australia for a year and drove all over the country in a van and how they bonded from it,making the move to Hawaii,how surfing came about for her,being all in on her passions in life,her thoughts on fear and how she deals with it as a surfer,how her documentary 'The Wave I Ride' came about,and why the #trashyselfie was started and why it means so much to her and why it should mean so much to all of us! Finally,Paige takes on the ultimate podcasting wave...My Questions of Torture and Awesomeness! So sit back,relax,and enjoy the show!

Season 3 Episode 21: Kelly Packard

November 3rd, 2019

In this Episode I speak with Kelly Packard! Ive been a fan of Kellys throughout her career and this was such a childhood dream come true for me to be able to speak with her. We spoke about so many things including being an actress at an early age,how The Wonder Years role changed everything for her career,how playing Tiffani in California Dreams came about for her as well as how she dealt with the fame that came with it,and the surprise of the show being cancelled. We also spoke about how her role as April came about on Baywatch and how that opportunity almost didn't happen except for the encouragement from her best friend(and costar) Jennie Kwan from California Dreams gave her,what it was like being on such a big show as Baywatch was globally and recently attending the 30th Anniversary party and so much more! Kelly also takes on My Questions of Torture and Awesomeness! So Sit back,Relax,and Enjoy the Show!

Season 3 Episode 20: Ben Troupe

October 20th, 2019

In this Episode I speak with,Ben Troupe. I was such a fan of Ben as a football player but am a bigger fan of Ben now as a person. Ben was a standout Tight End in college football for the Florida Gators and it was so great to hear about his early days in football and how the game came about for him. We talk about how a newspaper article changed everything for him,what his recruiting experience was like,being recruited by college football greats Steve Spurrier and Lou Holtz,playing in the The Swamp as well as playing in front of the Florida Gator fans! We then talk about Ben getting drafted by the Tennessee Titans,being a rookie in the NFL,the business side of it,those players that helped him along the way,and playing with the late great Steve "Air" Mcnair. Finally,we talk about the transition into sports radio and how much he enjoys it as well as those he works with and what they mean to him. Im so excited to share this conversation with you because Ben was so kind to take the time to speak with me and im so thankful he shared so many great stories. Now sit back,relax,and enjoy the show!

Season 3 Episode 19: Nina Williams

October 12th, 2019

In this Episode I speak with climber,Nina Williams! Nina is such an inspiring person and this was a conversation I couldn't wait to have! We spoke about how she prepares before a climb,how she deals with fear and uses it as motivation,being in the moment and in a zone while climbing,balancing the excitement of finishing a climb while also not making mistakes before finishing it,the mental,physical,and technical importance of climbing and each ones role,how the playinng field in the world of climbing between men and women is very close,her trip to South America,her pet hedgehog and so much more. Nina also takes on my Questions of Torture and Awesomeness! Sit back,Relax,and Enjoy the show!

Season 3 Episode 18: Alan Kay

October 8th, 2019

In this Episode I speak with Alan Kay! I was so looking forward to speaking with Alan as my family and I are big fans of the hit History Channel tv show Alone(Alan won Season 1 of Alone!) and our talk was everything I wanted and more. This was such a thought provoking,deep,and eye opening conversation! We spoke about how we have devolved as humans,what the word alone means to him,going from winning the tv show Alone to going back to daily life,society and how truly unprepared we are,his love for botany and the importance of it,and much more. Alan then takes on my Questions of Torture and Awesomeness! Alan is a a survivalist,poet,season 1 Winner of Alone and now my Peep! Im so excited for you to listen to this Episode and thank you so much for your support. ENJOY! 

Season 3 Episode 17: Dave Wilkins

September 3rd, 2019

In this Episode I speak with one of my favorite artists,Dave Wilkins! This was such an awesome and nostalgic conversation as we spoke about He-Man,G.I.Joe,and just cartoons in general that made such a huge impression on him at a young age. We also spoke about his most recent work in doing the art for Blade Vs Wolverine and how that project came about for him. Dave talks about the importance of communication between the artist and writer while working on projects and also working on things that you enjoy doing not just because something is popular. We speak about his big move from the east coast of South Carolina to the West coast of California and what that was like for him. Dave then takes on my Questions of Torture and Awesomeness where he tells me about what recent horror movie messed him up,what word makes him want to punch something,and where some classic 80s cartoons rank for him and so much more! Sit back,Relax,and Enjoy the show!

Season 3 Episode 16: Crystal Casey

August 25th, 2019

In this Episode I speak with singer,songwriter,and musician Crystal Casey! I met Crystal through Vero True Social over a year ago and Ive gotten to know this very gifted artist and seen how truly talented and special she is at her craft. We spoke about her newest EP 'Of Myth and Men' and talk about how it came together and also some of the stories behind the songs. We also talk about working with her producer for her latest EP Joseph Beatty and what that experience was like and also how their group Peaking Through The Noise(P.T.T.N.) came together. Crystal also talks about going to college,some of her musical influences,performing at the famed Carnegie Hall,and so much more. Crystal also takes on my Questions of Torture and Awesomeness! Crystals talent as well as her kindness makes me proud to call her one of my Peeps! ENJOY!

Season 3 Episode 15: Heather Besignano

August 11th, 2019

In this Episode I speak with ICON Public Relations founder and CEO,Heather Besignano! Heather was so much fun to speak with and her drive and dedication to everything she does is such an inspiration! We talk about so many things from how a David Bowie concert at 5 years old made such an impact on her at an early age,her love and passion for music,making the big decision to move to LA,how she got in to Public Relations,starting her own PR company,challenges of balancing career and family,advice for those thinking about getting into public relations and much more including Heather taking on my Questions of Torture and Awesomeness! Now sit back,relax,and enjoy the show!

Special Episode: #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

July 17th, 2019

In this special Episode I speak with 10 people from around the world and they explain to me what #ReleaseTheSnyderCut means to them. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has a lot of different meanings for people but I hope by the end of this episode you have a better understanding of this movement, this community, this family. This was such a challenging episode to put together, but I'm so proud of how it turned out as well as being inspired by each and every person that I had the privilege to speak with throughout this episode. Also, each guest takes on my special Questions of Torture and Awesomeness (the Zack Snyder version). Enjoy!

Season 3 Episode 14: Dagny

July 14th, 2019

In this Episode I speak with one of my favorite singers of all time,Dagny! This was such an exciting conversation that I was looking forward to as ive been a big fan of Dagny and her music for a while now. Dagny is truly a worldwide talent! We spoke about the transition from growing up in a small town to going to a big city and how that whole experience was for her as a singer. We also speak about her passion for touring and the experience for her of being on stage performing LIVE in front of her fans as well preshow rituals that she and her band have,a fav song of hers that she loves to sing with her fans,and if she still gets nervous before going out on stage. Dagny then takes on my Questions of Torture and Awesomeness where she decides between her two favorite passions of surfing and shopping,scariest movie she has ever seen,some of her proudest moments,her favorite word,her first celebrity crush,word association for some of her most popular songs and so much more! Now sit back,relax,and enjoy the show!